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Frequently asked questions.

Scible is a global scientific platform, online community and one of the world’s largest research databases. By using Scible, you can:

  • Find & follow experts in any field to find out when they release new research.
  • Grow your own following to reach more people with your research.
  • Generate citations & even your entire reference list in a single click.
  • Build & share Readlists™ – cloud-based research libraries that help you find relavent related articles.
  • Stay up to date with the most recent research in your field. 

Great question! We are at the very start of our long journey of making science accessible to everyone and although we are incredibly proud of our platform, there may still be a few bugs and issues with it. 

As we build and grow, we will be fixing and developing new features on our platform that will help science lovers, students and academics.

We really appreciate you using our platform in Beta and look forward to growing our platform with you at our side! 

We are passionate about open science. We believe access to research should be universally free of charge. Because of that, you can find, read or store research completely free of charge.

We welcome you to become a patron to support Scible and our movement to make science open for all. We would love for you to join us on our journey.

Scible is entirely independent (and proudly so). 

Many of our competitors have been acquired by larger publishers. These publishers are responsible for placing paywalls on research. We strongly believe this is unacceptable as this conflict of interest hinders their ability to bring true open access to the community. 

We believe our independence is key in delivering innovative solutions to scientists and help the industry develop.

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  • Generate citations.

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  • Storing research from our database in a Readlist, so you never need to download a PDF again.
  • Having your own Scible profile allowing others to follow your academic journey.
  • Leaving comments to discuss, inform and educate others.
  • Following experts in any field.
  • Access to our One-Click Bibliography™ generator to create your entire reference list in a single click.

and much more…

We are working with ‘Open Collective‘ to provide anyone with the ability to financially contribute towards the developemt of Scible. You can do so on ‘Our Collective‘, or find out more here.

With the Open Collective, you can give us a one-off donation or become a sponsor. These funds go directly towards the development of the platform. The Open Collective gives you a detailed breakdown of our budget so you can see exactly where your contributions go!

You have complete control over how much you give. Thank you for considering to help Scible, your contribution goes a very long way to keeping our platform alive and ad-free!

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