The wider impact of open science.

Find out how open science impacts your future, the scientific community and the world at large.

The history of science. Closed knowledge.

Traditionally, most scientific research is locked behind a paywall. University libraries spend millions a year accessing research that journals publish. 

This means that highly important research is out of reach to the general public and a considerable strain is placed on University budgets, bringing science to a breaking point. Something needs to change. 

The open access revolution.

The world of science is currently moving towards an ‘open-access’ solution. This is where all articles are free to access. However, most journals are currently hesitant to adapt to this new model. This has led to solutions that are often less than ideal. 

Current solutions involve scientists being forced to break the law by infringing upon the copyrights of publishers, while other promising solutions are acquired by the same corporations that initially place paywalls on research. We believe this conflict of interest hinders the growth of open science.

The future is Scible.

Scible is an independent platform that puts the benefits of its memebers and the scientific community first. We are building the foundations of true open access. We help connect the scientific community with the world and give access to countless articles for free. 

As we grow we want to keep developing new features that bringing the world closer to an entirely open, transparent scientific process..

To achieve this we need your support. Every person that becomes a patron helps keep scientific knowledge accessible by everyone.

Changing the world, together.

With free access to research, scientists and institutions can use excess funding to focus on fixing worldwide issues.

Help Fight Climate Change

Supporting Scible helps keep Open Science thriving. That means there is more publicly available information on the effects of climate change, more open-source material to build upon and a platform that puts expert knowledge at the forefront.

Ending misinformation

We believe it is necessary to combat the release of misinformation in science. To fight this, Scible allows users to filter comments to only see expert opinions. This means more accurate ideas and less pseudo-scientific information.

Boosting public understanding of research

We give all users the ability to access our database completely free. Here you can comment on research and be answered directly by experts and the authors of the research. This helps boost public interest in science and improve communication between the scientific community and the public.

Support Scible. Change Science.

Every penny you raise goes directly to the maintainence of our platform, keeping Scible free for all.

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