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Our mission.

We aim to create a world where open science can thrive without barriers. Using innovative technology we will help overcome the issues faced by everyday scientists, students, and academic institutions alike. We put innovation at the heart of everything we do. With help from you, we believe that together we can achieve great things.

Our goals.

The vision our company was founded on.

Revolutionise access.

We believe in providing free access to all scientific information. Knowledge should never be behind barriers.

Boosting awareness.

We aim to extend the reach of academic research to the general public. This will combat the spread of misinformation.

Discovering the future.

Using technology, we aim to create a future where scientific research, discovery, innovation is truly limitless.

Why was Scible created?

Scientific research is often placed behind paywalls, costing university libraries millions per year to access. We believe that these funds should be spent on furthering research. 

All current solutions are either forcing researchers to breach copyright or are owned by corporations responsible for implementing paywalls. To us, this conflict of interest is unacceptable. 

Scible is independent. This means we always put scientists, our users, and the scientific community first. We aim to provide researchers with completely free access to the articles they need and connect their research to the world. Accessing our database is entirely free, giving your institution more funds for scientific research.

Innovative solutions for an innovative industry.

Our company FAQs.

Scible is currently in beta. This means we are at the very start of our journey towards changing the scientific landscape. We currently give our users access to millions of articles that are already open access.

As we grow, so will our database. Our aim is to be the world’s first scientific database that gives users completely free access to every single article ever published.

Join our platform and be a part of a journey that will change science forever.

Our community thrives because of the support of our Patrons. All funds go driectly towards the upkeep of our website. From here, the remaining funds are spent on developing new features for the community and promoting open science to the public. If you believe our cause, supporting us makes all the difference.

At Scible, we view the rights of publishers and authors as a top priority and have crafted our platform to ensure that the rights of the copyright holders are respected and not breached.

Our database is curated automatically from information that is publicly available online. Scible has made every effort to ensure our database contains open-access content only. However, metadata is often inconsistent and license information is sometimes not machine-readable. 

This means that, from time to time, the repositories in which we built our database from leaks information that is not open-access. We, therefore, cannot take any responsibility for the license of the content in the database. The database we have accumulates is in no way intended for any purpose that breaches copyright.

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