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Our Mission & Values

We aim to provide the best platform for scientific research to be accessed and understood by scientists, students and the public alike.

Our Vision

Scible strives to create a world where science can thrive without barriers. We use technology to overcome the issues faced by everyday scientists, students, and academic institutions. Using our platform and with the help from our generous ‘Patrons‘, we can achieve great things. We aim to:

  • Pioneer true open access to scientific research.
  • Extend the reach of science to the general public, this combats a lack of public awareness and the spread of misinformation.
  • Use our platform to develop solutions, find new discoveries, and solve current issues facing science, academia and the planet.
  • Reward scientists for their great work in helping humanity advance.

The Fundamental Principles of Scible


We believe that transparency within the scientific community is the way to a brighter future. We value our platform on its scientific integrity and we strive to build a community that works together to push scientific knowledge further.


We are always evolving to incorporate new features that benefit the academic world. We view it as our reponsibility to our users to provide the best platform for open science to thrive.


Scible is an independent platform. Although we may work with multiple institutions, societies and governing bodies, our main priorities are to our users, the scientific community and its members. By being independant, we are able to grow faster and provide an even better experience for all of our dedicated users.


We believe that unity within the scientific community is essential to our pursuit of open science. This ensures scientists like you can come together to solve almost any issue facing the world today. Therefore, we will help promote your discoveries to the public like never before. This will raise public awareness and lead to more attention on important global issues.


Our platform aims to conduct itself in a way that is not discriminatory towards any person, nationality, race, gender, belief, class, or political opinion.

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Our Mission & Values