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Scible Profile IDs

All users are given a Scible ID when they create an account. These ID numbers do not change throughout the entire life-cycle of a user. 

As you progress from student to post-graduate, to researcher and beyond, you will always be able to be identified by your Scible ID number.

Finding your Scible ID number

The Scible ID number matches the URL of the user’s profile on Scible so that that the identifiers always remain active and the same. You can find the Scible ID below a user’s name when you visit a user profile.


Currently not, however this is something our team is working on!

No. Once you have been given a Scible ID number, this is permanent. The reason for this is because the ID is a constant identifier of you and your research.

We take your privacy and data very seriously. If you delete your account, you are entitled to have all of your data removed. This means all of the content on your profile is removed if you delete your account. 

However, as per our ‘Terms Of Service‘, we keep an active, empty version of your profile that only has a list of your publications Scible ID available.

This non-identifying data allows researchers to locate your body of work, helping open science.

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