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Scible Readlist IDs

All Readlist’s are given a persistent Scible ID.

This gives anyone the ability to instantly locate the Readlist they are looking for.

Finding Readlist ID Numbers

The Readlist ID number matches the URL of the Readlist to make sure the identifiers always remain active and the same. You can find the Readlist ID number below a Readlist’s title.


Unfortunately, if someone deletes a Readist, you will no longer be able to access it any more. We are examining ways to save a ‘snapshot’ of a Readlist so that when a user deletes it, researchers can easily locate it. 

No. Once your Readlist is given a Scible ID, you are unable to change it to make sure it remains a persistent identifier.

We take your privacy and data very seriously. If you delete your account, you are entitled to have all of your data removed. This means all of the content on your profile is removed if you delete your account. This includes all your created Readlists.

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Scible Readlist IDs