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‘What’s New’ Page

Scible connects users around the world in a way that promotes a healthy understanding of science. This not only allows researchers to find the most relavent and up-to-date research, it boosts the public’s awareness of science.

To do this, our ‘What’s New’ page allows you to locate the newest research and readlists from the researchers you follow.

How does it work?

Your ‘What’s New’ page is a personlised page that shows research we think you will be interested in. We generate this based on:

  • Researchers you follow.
  • Articles you have previously read.
  • Your interest areas as set during your sign in process.

As our system grows and becomes more complex, we will improve our ability to find you the best research. This means you will be able to always be up-to-date with the newest findings in your field and never miss new publications from your peers.


For us to generate your own personalised ‘What’s New’ page, you need to follow users in Scible. We then use this to bring you the newest research by these users.

If you have already followed users, but your page is still empty, this is because they have not released any new research or readlists yet. Be sure to check back soon to see an updated page.

Atternatively, follow more researchers whose research you are interested in!

The page is updated automatically based on the actions of the researchers you have followed. This could be daily, weekly or longer depending on how active they are on Scible.

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‘What’s New’ Page